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Total war attila stability

Total war attila stability

Total war attila stability


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Feb 24,  · I played a couple of games with towns and I liked keeping the balance between meals, community purchase and income (had some problems with diseases but thats ok). Now I needed to check in the horde an element of the online game and after i took a look from the building overview i have to admit that i have no clue how you are able to keep consitently the stability positive with an army. Every little thing decreases the stability and. Integrity: 1 for every single concurrent war with a neighbouring faction (commanded force) Public purchase: 1 for each concurrent war with a neighbouring faction (governed province) complete War: Attila New!! Factions Units products in Custom Battle Buildings Technologies Household Regions Mercenaries complete War: Rome II . Craft a war machine of destructive efficiency.


Complete war attila integrity.integrety?? :: Complete War: ATTILA General Discussions

Integrity: 1 for virtually any concurrent war with a neighbouring faction (commanded force) Public purchase: 1 for every single concurrent war with a neighbouring faction (governed province) Total War: Attila New!! Factions Units Units in Custom Battle Buildings Technologies Household Regions Mercenaries complete War: Rome II . While they starve, the stability of one’s causes may then endure and diminish, ultimately causing unhappiness, decreased fight effectiveness and, who knows, even transformation. There are 2 kinds of food-producing buildings as a whole War: Attila; those that use the fertility of this land they’re built upon, and people which do not. Dec 25,  · Complete War Attila – Army Management Mechanics. Modern development in the world of video games at Attack for the Fanboy. December 25th, by Danny Vittore. It’s just starting to seem as though complete War Attila just might function as the online game we were all hoping Total War Rome 2 would definitely be, with the exception of the obvious being that it is not quite when you look at the right time.
Army Stability

Horde Integrity :: Complete War: ATTILA General Discussions
Character Qualities

Complete War Attila – Army Management Mechanics | combat associated with Fanboy

Please register for complete War Access to make use of the discussion boards. If you are an existing user, your discussion board details will likely be combined with Total War Access if you sign up with the exact same e-mail or login name. I would nothing like this system individually, i would like each struggle it’s own self contained eco-system.

It is an interesting advice. Typically armies indeed performed have a tendency to suffer a reduction in cohesion when they are restructured, suffered loads of casualties, got plenty of brand-new reinforcements, are forced to escape in a disorderly fashion, are too big to handle by its current frontrunners, or if there clearly was an abrupt improvement in management. It would are making good sense for older TW titles to help make managing armies much more realistic. This game however already has some mechanics like supply, depleted recruitment, closed unit slot machines if a unit is wholly lost, retinue dissolved after death of leader etc that produce penalties comparable to lack of cohesion.

Funny to mention xcom as an example in a bond about morale and previous fight outcomes. There’s absolutely no morale in xcom and some harm and if your man gets injured he just can not have fun with the next mission, so nothing is held up to the following mission in xcom. In case the army got beaten although not damaged you’ll have taken damage to the products and destroyed some or plenty of males. Devices that are not fully manned already have a morale penalty just what exactly the OP is seeking is already in online game in a way.

Your remnant army with 20 guys remaining in a men product will not hold for long so you don’t need another punishment in addition. Not likely to occur. Want to know why? Its the one good reason why there army integrity actually here any longer, even though i would really like it to create a comeback, I seriously dount it, at least in the case with this online game. This technique could possibly be interesting but I’d it like to be more addition than core system for the game. Also I’d add a disadvantage characteristic if army won significantly more than battles as troops who just winnings are likely to become conceited.

This disadvantage may be either debuff in defense or higher interesting debuff to have gain. Although this is not quite what you are actually requesting, there clearly was more to winning and dropping than merely needing to replenish after which fighting once again.

As mentioned above, there is certainly a supplies system which has a few of the functions that integrity had in past times. Another facet of it is part of the guanxi system.

The different generals in an army can get increased or reduced relations with each other considering their particular performance in fight and their particular qualities. There clearly was a certain example of this in one of the streams, where Wheels had one general aided by the “careful” characteristic and one general aided by the “aggressive” trait.

They fought collectively in a battle and won, but they experienced heavy casualities. This caused the generals to suffer huge relations hit with each various other, because they blamed each other for the losses. Which means that dropping battles, or even winning with heavy casualities may have a poor influence on the army and faction as a whole. Perhaps among the generals will desert as a result of low satisfaction?

Needless to say, we do not know the level with this system yet, but there are some mechanics similiar from what you talk about. Talks Activity Best Of Register. Welcome Please sign up for Total War Access to use the forums.

Sign In Register. Categories March in General Discussion. CA, is it possible to add some kind of Army Integrity in 3K? As an example, everytime an army got defeated, the remnant from it could have a reduced morale or charges in their morale for his or her next battle.

So, if an army or their general got defeated or killed, their particular army are affected morale penalty, like the one we now have in Attila. Nevertheless the more an army wins, their morale will be always maximum and any enemy army dare to meet up all of them in fight has reduced morale in change.

Just like when Yan Liang and Wen Chou got killed, it shocked the complete army and after that Yuan Shao’s army were never the same again. This may make each struggle is like a life or death scenario, like Shogun.

And people will dsicover each battle more really as it’s outcome could affect their particular future, either you winnings as well as your kingdom prosper or you lose as well as your kingdom autumn. Yaafm Users Posts: 1, March Yaafm said:. March edited March Xhal said:. ImpartialHorse Registered Users Posts: This would likely be a lot more of a “win more” mechanic for the player. In many playthroughs you will win far more battles than you lose, therefore it will influence the AI a lot more than the gamer.

Also if an army is defeated twice in the same turn its completely destroyed so yes you can find consequences for multiple defeats. Plus in this game its not as if you can pop away a full bunch in turns as soon as your army gets cleaned.

You can have the products but you recruit these with few soldiers and have now to wait patiently for replenishment, therefore it could take-over 10 turns or higher from recruitment to a fully ready full pile. Pixeldiktator Registered Users Blogs: Dragantis Poland Registered Users Posts: Pixeldiktator said:. Blood for the Bloodstream God! Among guys, Lu Bu. Among horses, Red Hare. Dragantis said:. Check in or Register to review.

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