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Silverstone nt07-775

Silverstone nt07-775

Silverstone nt07-775


Have a question?.SilverStone Nitrogon NT Low Profile CPU Colder | TweakTown


Dec 18, �� The Nitrogon NT is going to be obtainable in end of January in European countries. Advised end user price is EUR (without VAT). Don . The Nitrogon NT is a Central Processing Unit cooler created for slim profile systems using 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processors Item information Item Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 inches Item Weight ounces ASIN BM78L0U Item design number NT Customer Reviews: away from 5 movie stars 13 ratings/5(13). Feb 08, �� We have 12 reviews of SilverStone NT07 Series CPU cooler plus the average score is 89%. View all reviews, movies, score and awards for silverstonent07cpucooler. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, its our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate the average score for every product.


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Dec 18, �� The Nitrogon NT will undoubtedly be for sale in end of January in European countries. The recommended end user price is EUR (without VAT). Don . Jun 17, �� Reparation Ventilateur Radiateur SILVERSTONE NT – ExtraSlim – pour socket LGA – base en cuivre – fixation facile – Silencieux 15dBAsur , site de vente en ligne et magasin de materiel electronique. Sep 21, �� Silverstone NT � $20USD. The Silverstone NT could be the tiniest heatsink we�ve ever tested. It made for super thin situations such as the Silverstone LC19 and ML The NT stands only 36 mm high and weighs grams. The heatsink .
SilverStone: New Slim CPU cooler for socket 775 CPUs
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SilverStone Nitrogon NT07-775 Low-profile CPU Colder
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SilverStone SST-NT; Nitrogon Central Processing Unit colder, low profile: : Computers & add-ons

Inside our continuing quest for compact, effective and silent CPU coolers, we ran a gladiatorial roundup with competitors from Silverstone, Nexus and Cooler Master wanting to wrest the most effective area through the Scythe Big Shuriken.

Our low profile LGA CPU cooler roundup from two months ago unveiled just one clear-cut recommendation: the Scythe Big Shuriken, a quick but able cooler with a great fan at an acceptable price. Nevertheless, its definately not the perfect compact cooler � its low clearance on the pushpin installing system helps it be excruciating to install, and taller motherboard elements like Northbridge heatsinks can impinge on its use. As tiny form factor methods be a little more popular, the need for better low-profile coolers grows.

Nevertheless, they truly are smaller compared to the standard tower giants that dominate best-of cooler ranks and there are lots of situations in just enough space to accommodate them. Testing was done according to our unique heatsink assessment methodology , A quick summary for the components, tools, and treatments employs under. Load evaluation ended up being accomplished utilizing CPUBurn to worry the processor, therefore the graph function in SpeedFan was used to make sure that force temperature was stable for at least 10 minutes.

The stock lover had been tested at numerous voltages to express a beneficial cross-section of their airflow and sound performance. The NT stands just 36 mm high and weighs grams.

The heatsink shares the same radial fin orientation as the Intel stock cooler, but it is 9 mm shorter. The lover features thinner, more many blades. Unfortunately the assistance struts are nearly parallel towards the trailing sides for the fan blades, increasing the potential for tonal turbulence sound. Put in on our test system.

The NT had been fairly peaceful overall compared to most CPU coolers, though you would are expecting the fan to spin faster to pay for its small-size. At 12V, it had an annoying whine with loads of buzzing created by the motor. The noise amount ended up being bearable at 10V and below, but it did develop a little bit of a drone. At 8V it absolutely was very peaceful, barely audible in many surroundings, but the soothing performance wouldn’t be sufficient in case your system is pushed tough frequently, except maybe with all the coolest CPUs.

We’ve constantly appreciated the core design for the Intel stock cooler, but of course could perhaps not see through the bad sounding fan that always accompanies it. The copper-core version is a prime applicant for a straightforward mod: A fan swap with a mm fan.

The result is a comparatively low profile heatsink with a big airflow impact which will help keep motherboard components fun. A set of pliers made brief work associated with stock lover. Mounting a mm lover securely into the heatsink body requires some creativity. As a demonstration, we used four wire connections to bind the heatsink fins into the fan struts of a Scythe Slipstream fan. Installed inside a Silverstone SG As you can see clearance ended up being ample.

For our standard thermal test, we used our reference Nexus mm fan. This combination should improve overall cooling and acoustics within the stock Intel lover. The whole bundle weighs in at grams and is 67 mm tall. A revisit associated with the Alpine 7 Pro is warranted as it had been tested long before we setup our anechoic chamber, so we utilize it again and again in the laboratory.

Its manageable size and exceptional acoustics helps it be our defacto replacement an Intel stock cooler. The Alpine 7 Pro appears 86 mm tall and weighs g. The heatsink features an easy design with broad thick 0. put in inside our test platform. The soft-mounted lover actions 85 mm in diameter and is one of the better models in our roundup.

At 12V it is very noisy with some whine, as the rest of the sound is in fact soft-sounding air turbulence. It weighs in at grams and sits 82 mm large. The fins are extremely thin at 0.

It will take a typical mm lover. A backplate with screws continues on the back and thumbscrews finish the task topside. Because the NTE doesn’t ship with an admirer, we tested it with this reference Nexus mm fan. It is guaranteed using 4 long black screws. Its actual proportions sets it nearer to the Big Shuriken.

The LOW features four heatpipes and a Nexus branded fan. The sample we got had been bent like a vintage guy with a bad hip, but luckily for us it was easy enough to fold back to its proper upright place. The reduced is 70 mm tall and weighs grms.

The included lover is like the Yate Loon D12 series with almost right trailing sides and sharp axe-like leading edges. There is a small secondary heatsink connected above the base plate, a feature typical on Scythe heatsinks.

The key body is comprised of 0. such as the NTE, the LOW has a hard-mounting system, but in this situation the screws enter through the back part of this motherboard. Set up on out test platform. At 12V, the lover was very turbulent with a mild droning type personality and way too loud overall at 31 dBA.

At 9V it generated 24 dBA, and was a whole lot more tolerable with a smooth but buzzy profile. At 7V it had been fairly light with some pressing created by the bearings. Furthermore short enough to squeeze in some cases that most 3rd party heatsinks will not such as the Luxa2 LM The Geminii S and included accessories. It sports 5 heatpipes and vessels with a mm fan.

The fins are extremely thin at 0. To mount the Geminii S, bolts are screwed tight into the mounting hands before they’re put in. The threads on the bolts are reversed, that is they are tightened by turning counterclockwise. The bolts are secured to a backplate on the other hand with peanuts.

The peanuts tighten when you look at the old-fashioned method clockwise , so the nuts and bolts will never get trapped collectively and rotate collectively if one side becomes free. Installed on our test platform. The fan added to the Geminii S had been remarkably great, rivaling the acoustic attributes of Scythe and Nexus fans. At 12V and 9V, it absolutely was turbulent but smooth.

At 7V it developed a little bit of a buzz that was only audible close-up, but sounded entirely benign at 1m. At 5V it absolutely was inaudible. The tiniest heatsink in our roundup, the Silverstone NT, is also the worst. When compared with two various other two mini coolers, the Q stock heatsink and the Thermolab Nano Silencer, it came in last. The harsh-sounding fans equipped on Intel stock coolers may tempt people to dial down the fan speed to tolerable amounts, but unfortunately performing this will pay a steep thermal price.

Changing the lover with a mm Nexus results in much improvement. While not the essential elegant solution, it definitely is really worth consideration in the event the cooling needs aren’t great. The Alpine 7 Pro performs just about exactly like the Intel stock coolers when their respective followers at generating sound amounts above 20 dBA 1m. The Nexus LOW performed extremely much like the Scythe Shuriken, posting virtually identical numbers at equivalent sound levels. At low lover rates, the difference increases dramatically.

Pairing the Geminii S with our guide fan greatly improved its low airflow performance. On the other side of this spectrum, the NT is hopelessly outmatched due to its size.

The Intel copper heatsink with Nexus fan takes a tiny lead amongst the smaller coolers, and contains unrivaled acoustics. They represent an instant picture of what we heard during the review. These tracks are meant to provide you with an idea of how the merchandise sounds in real use � one meter is a reasonable typical distance between a pc or pc element along with your ear.

The recording contains exercises of ambient sound that can be used to judge the general loudness of the subject. The recording starts with 10 second segments of room atmosphere, then your lover at different amounts.

However it should allow you to choose one that works best for you. It will create somewhat less noise at full-speed, but the acoustic personality isn’t that definitely better. It is a specialty item created for awesome slim cases such as the LC19 and ML02 � if the instance features approval for something bigger, no reason to consider it.

Putting a Nexus mm fan atop a full-sized Intel cooler with a copper core led to a marked improvement both in Central Processing Unit heat and particularly acoustics. Arctic Cooling Alpine Alpine 7 Pro : A re-test of this Alpine 7 Pro, this time around inside our anechoic chamber, confirms it is a suitable peaceful replacement for a full-sized Intel stock cooler. They perform likewise at high-speed, but the Alpine 7 Pro exerts a substantial lead at lower fan rates to its wide fin placement.

The character of this sound it generates is also far superior, really smooth and innocuous. It has a solid mounting system, but its performance ended up being underwhelming considering its cost and actual dimensions. Even utilizing our reference Nexus lover which typically performs much better than most fans it did not hold pace using the Shuriken and LOW once the fan rate was decreased, it fell further behind. If you have enough room to support the Geminii S, it really is an advisable investment. The big winner from the very first element of our roundup, the Scythe Big Shuriken, edged out our honorable mentions, the Nexus minimal due to its cheap, and the Geminii S due to its much shorter profile.

Discuss this informative article within the SPCR forums. Your current email address won’t be posted. Save my title, e-mail, and website in this web browser for the next time I comment. Silent PC Review happens to be providing qualified advice and detailed reviews of PCs and peripherals since Thermal Rise: heat go above background at load.

Intel Q HSF vs.

AMD Expands Zambezi Chip Line In October-November
17.04.2021 [16:09],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

AMD FX family of desktop computer processors (codenamed Zambezi), centered on Bulldozer design, due call at June (some sources suggest June 11, other individuals Summer 7). The range is expected is expanded with brand-new models at the start for the last quarter of the 12 months.

Initially, the organization will apparently showcase simply 4 Zambezi processors, two of which will be 8-core (FX-8130P and FX-8110), one 6-core (FX-6110) plus one 4-core (FX-4110). Them all has a maximum energy usage within the are normally taken for 95 W to 125 W, a built-in memory controller DDR3 1866 MHz, help for automatic overclocking innovation Turbo Core. The processors will belong to the Black Edition series, that is, they’ve an unlocked multiplier.

These first 4 Bulldozer processors are apparently to be complemented by four brand-new FX chips early within the last quarter of the year, with as of the initial launch AMD plans to present two 8-core potato chips, one 6-core plus one 4-core. Sadly, there aren’t any details regarding these processors. Probably, they are going to provide higher operating frequencies to counter the Intel Sandy Bridge-E chips, that are also expected to can be found in the final quarter of 2021.

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