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Samsung yp k5 mp3 player

Samsung yp k5 mp3 player

Samsung yp k5 mp3 player


Key Specifications.SAMSUNG YP-K5 SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Install | ManualsLib


May 17, �� Overall, I would say that Samsung’s YP-K5 is a wonderful ipod surpassing the Ipod Nano when it comes to high quality and power. Though it’s a lot more expensive, it anticipated Reading Time: 8 minutes. 10 rows�� The Samsung YP-K5 2 GB Audio Player is a lightweight ipod this is certainly loaded with /5(20). YP-K5. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, E Mail Us. Samsung Help Gulf.


Samsung yp k5 mp3 player.Samsung YP-K5 Mp3 Player Review

SAMSUNG YP-K5J 1GB MP3 Player Built-in Speaker Collectors Item. $ Mar 06, �� fast and simple fix for a Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player That Won’t Turn OnHere is where to get it: ?icep_ff3=9&pub. 10 rows�� The Samsung YP-K5 2 GB sound athlete is a lightweight ipod that is packed with /5(20).
Samsung YP-K5 Service Manual
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Samsung YP-K5 Ipod Review | Trusted Reviews

The market of lightweight digital audio players is one of the most competitive ones when you look at the electronic devices’ industry, very many businesses fighting for that second place the first being held firmly by the iPod.

Samsung is one of the most essential such organizations, and on the first of September , they’ve launched whatever they wished to be a groundbreaking unit, one thing the world had never ever seen before. If the YP-K5 model because that is what we are speaing frankly about here really were able to achieve this objective is a complete different matter, and you will certainly be able to judge for yourselves through the after review if Samsung’s sleek, black colored player with an integrated presenter and a touch-panel for a control system deserves the name of “iPod challenger” or otherwise not.

The most important selling points of the Samsung YP-K5 is its design. The product looks sophisticated, unique, a very good music player for people hip and stylish people which choose to show-off their toys anywhere and each time they can.

It’s something that you don’t see every single day, a niche unit which will either capture the user’s interest at first picture or otherwise not after all. When powered down, the Samsung YP-K5 appears the same as a big, black monolith. Compared to various other lightweight people, this model is rather “fat”, but, unlike various other lightweight players, it inspires security and sturdiness. Nevertheless, it offers an excellent basis for its bulkier size, since 1 / 2 of the YP-K5 is actually a sliding and tilting built-in speaker that pops out from right under the player and allows users to enjoy their songs out loud, without the need to wear those pesky and often uncomfortable earphones.

The stereo presenter, that is actually YP-K5’s trademark, activities a particular sliding system that resembles usually the one found in some Samsung cell phones. This system allows the presenter to slip efficiently and then tilt up, and another associated with greatest things about it really is it’s quite solid, despite searching instead frail at the very first sight. Another very interesting function associated with Samsung YP-K5 may be the show as well as the touch-sensitive control system.

Thus, both these elements are placed from the front part, under a translucent, yet very resistant plastic material. The entire result is fairly interesting, as the brilliant colors for the OLED display are extremely well improved by the entire dark appearance of the YP-K5. Additionally, the entire show and control area is enclosed by a little steel margin, or “lip”, which stops the device from becoming scraped, a very important function, considering the fact that the YP-K5 is intended becoming attractive all of the time.

It’s rather clear that the YP-K5 was made for a special brand of people that want their gadgets becoming as good hunting since they are technologically advanced. Hence, all of the materials used for Samsung’s player are of good quality, the finishing touches too, even though the colors happen very well plumped for.

After all, what better match will there be for the unit’s overwhelming black color as compared to speaker’s chrome finishing? Nevertheless, the player has some problems even yet in the look department. Perhaps one of the most inconvenient would be the fact that the shiny area of the touch-sensitive area gets filled with fingerprints right away, and stays so until the user chooses to wipe it clean, that will be never ever a straightforward operation. Furthermore, the touch sensitive settings, despite having an undisputedly large cool factor, may not turn out to be because popular as predicted, since you will find a great deal of those who typically be prepared to receive some kind of sensitive feedback from their devices.

Another problem is that relevant to the sliding method. Although quite interesting, it does not have one major function: a locking key. Therefore, in the event that user presses a little harder in the cross-section for the Samsung YP-K5, the speaker tends to quickly pop down, even if not required to. The Samsung YP-K5 has reasonably few control buttons.

The energy switch is placed at the top part, and users must hold it to the right for a few seconds so that you can stimulate the ball player or switch it off. The rest of the controls are touch-sensitive and therefore are placed on the reduced part for the unit, beneath the display itself.

The control system is as easy and simple because it gets. Therefore, the control system is founded on 4 arrow-buttons used for navigating the selection or missing paths, fast-forwarding etc.

There is also a “Menu” button in the bottom right side, along with two “Back” buttons placed on the right and remaining side of this “Up” arrow. The reason for the extra “Back” option is that anytime the user chooses to hear music from the presenter, the whole show and control system changes direction from “portrait” to “landscape”. The base part for the Samsung YP-K5 houses the only real two connections we will find on this product, particularly the headphones jack as well as the connector for the proprietary USB cable.

It’s still not exactly obvious why Samsung has decided to go for a proprietary connector and gave up on mini-USB, nonetheless they’re not really the only ones that did so iRiver and Apple also use proprietary connectors. While you might are expecting, said cable is employed both for transferring music and other types of content towards the product, along with charge it we will talk about the charging times and electric battery life a little later in this review.

First thing which comes to mind when using a first look at the couple of earbuds delivered using the YP-K5 is that they seem like some kind of alien items.

They may be supposed to fit within the user’s ear canal, and therefore offer a heightened level of external sound isolation and much better bass. However, they are not quite a fantastic choice. It can take some time to have accustomed them, while the nasty sensation of getting a foreign object stuck along the ear canal never truly goes away. And it’s really very likely that a lot of individuals will merely give up all of them altogether and either use the speaker, or get an ordinary set of earbuds.

Because of the fact that individuals’ve received the 2GB type of Samsung’s player I will be referring especially to the one and not into the 4GB device. A fast tour of Samsung’s website will unveil that aside from the obvious area huge difference, the two K5 versions look and perform a similar beginning with the audio result and ending with battery life. In accordance with producer’s website, the specs of the YP-K5 would be the after:.

Because of the fact that RMAA 6. As constantly, subjective listening is dependant on the audiophile’s opinion and, due to that, the outcomes can vary. For comparison reasons, I opted for about 80 tracks from various artists in accordance with various musical styles varying from jungle and stone to background and classical motifs and I listened to all of them in different test setups equalizer options, original headphones, reference headphones in order to perceive the differences when you look at the quality of sound.

The research earphones I used had been a couple of Sennheisers, particularly the HD Even though this specific type of earphones doesn’t offer a perfectly natural frequency response, the reality that they normally use a circumaural design coupled with an exceptional ambient noise isolation produces some very good results.

Additionally, these headsets use a typical 32Ohm impedance and a tremendously high SPL. Brian Adams – Best Of a great mixture of rock with percussive drums and plenty of acoustic guitars. Roxette – Best of approximately the same as the aforementioned information, but with even more vocals.

Kitaro – most readily useful ambiental tunes with different computer system and synthesizer-generated sounds. Nightwish – When great Gothic-rock tunes, a great blend between electric guitar solos and drums. Bjork – Vespertine it’s Bjork home-made music, so that it needs no explanations. Vangelis – sounds ambiental noises that give an ideal acoustic sensation of an ever-growing world, very relaxing even at high levels of playback, impressive choir voices. All those tunes were listened on 4 separate sources utilizing the exact same couple of Sennheisers.

I have to state whenever I first filled the YP-K5 with the selected songs i did not think it can sound that good. Now do not get me personally incorrect, it’s miles from becoming perfect, specifically because the mids and highs aren’t because obvious as the lows. You can hear all of the guitars when you look at the back ground of a tune such as “Run for your requirements” B.

Addams and you will also have the long bass supplied by the orchestra in Rebecca Pridgeon’s “Spanish Harlem”. At full blast the instruments are likely of blending into each other but that is just a result of this distortion which becomes audible by using the YP-K5 at full amount.

And the Equalizer will simply make matters worse; so my guidance is to utilize the K5 without having any EQ or 3D surround settings. Vangelis and Kitaro did not impress me much since, due to K5’s natural inclination of eliminating some of the highs, the noise lacked the brightness you are able to often hear on expert resources. The high-pitch instruments had been practically absent as soon as I happened to be eventually able to hear anything, it seemed squeezed and altered.

Overall, the experiment wasn’t an overall total loss, but if you plan to be controlled by traditional tunes on your K5 you have to have a set of earphones that will amplify the highs more than various other regularity groups. As well as the basic HD ended up being not fitted for that. Going along, I tried some tunes from Nightwish and their particular newest record album and combined a few of their particular tunes with two songs from “The Castbreeder”.

The end result ended up being good, if you don’t great once the player was able to replicate a normal sound with no distortions. Lows and mids were great while on top of that I thought the need for even more highs nonetheless, they were there.

Overall, the K5 is an A- product with regards to quality. Noise is above average when it comes to quality, lows are extremely strong and the overall volume can make your ears bleed in the event that you listen to it at full blast for longer than 1 hour. I would personally have liked more highs nevertheless the noise stage was pretty well balanced.

As for classical music lovers, I guess the K5 ain’t that great because it does not have some high-band clarity. I cannot say much in regards to the picture viewer, since the OLED display screen isn’t that great at watching this kind of content. It’s going to perform the job, but you defintely won’t be pleased with it.

On the other side hand, the noisy alarms is a great feature to possess, especially because the onboard speakers are loud adequate to not ever be missed. The headset that was included with the player, on the other side hand, isn’t that good.

And I am maybe not speaing frankly about the weird-shaped extensions of those headsets which – by the way – I actually hate, because they are pretty uncomfortable to wear but about their particular quality.

The headsets do not deliver appropriate lows or highs and because of that, I would suggest you to buy a suitable collection of in-ear people. Shure and Sennheiser involve some great deals therefore it would be useful if you checked them away. The touch-sensitive navi keys are a good feature since, once you get accustomed to all of them, you’ll not feel the need for an Ipod-like Click-wheel. It is simple to navigate through the menus and scrolling down a complete directory of songs will not simply take a lot more than a moment or so.

The speaker set is just about the strongest point of the device. Once you slide the ipod, the show rotates 90 degrees clockwise and so do the navi tips and the additional speaker system is likely to be activated.

The volume is fantastic for such a tiny set of drives and there is even a small touch of lows although the case vibrates lots due to that. Unfortunately, if you utilize radio stations you’ll have to keep the headset plugged in since it works as an FM antenna. The radio works particularly well as in most cases it delivers an excellent comparable to that associated with the ipod. The tuner is quite painful and sensitive, but you’ll need a good signal in order to get stereo tuning. The program is easy yet intuitive.

The application provided by Samsung had been a bit of a disappointment making me understand how great the iTunes is.

Synchronization is difficult while the software is packed with pests producing arbitrary errors every once in awhile. And that’s negative since perhaps the quirky Ipod can do that. On the other side hand, you are able to synchronize the K5 using Windows Media athlete. And it will work great if you have sufficient time.

These are which, the YP-K5 is only a little sluggish when it comes to copying files. Although it’s much more expensive, it provides a fantastic experience and once you get through the bulkiness you will likely love it.

On the other hand, at about the same price, you can aquire an Ipod Video. This one is a lot less responsive, but comes with 30GB of storage space, a colder but comparable sound and full video assistance. It will not possess touch-sensitive tips nonetheless it will offer you a better pair of features and a comparable battery pack.

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Bluboo S9 is able to compete with flagship smartphones
Marketing And Advertising
eighteen.12.20021 [18:13],
Vladimir Mironenko

This year we witnessed a genuine increase in full-screen smartphones. Samsung is undoubtedly the first choice in this portion. Nevertheless, there are a few more companies that deserve your attention. One of them is Bluboo, which has introduced several high-demand designs with frameless designs.

Relating to the latest leaks, Samsung changes the area of this fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S9, putting it underneath the double camera, which could make the entire process of unlocking the smartphone far more convenient. In inclusion, the likelihood of contamination of the camera lens because of accidental touch when touching a nearby fingerprint sensor are reduced.

It should be mentioned that this design is used in the Bluboo S8 + smartphone, released about per month ago, a description of that exist at this link.

Just like Samsung along with other big brands available on the market, Bluboo plans to introduce a brand-new flagship design with 18: 9 bezel-less display screen the following year, based on trustworthy resources.

Targeting Samsung S9, Bluboo intends to use OLED display screen in brand-new product to achieve full visual effect. The bezel at the end of the show will soon be exceedingly thinner, which will raise the screen-to-bezel ratio to 91per cent.

The 10nm MTK Helio X30 10nm 10nm Processor Ensures high end Bluboo S9. It is planned to release two versions of Bluboo S9, differing in the quantity of memory. One has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory, the second will get 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB flash drive. Furthermore known that the leading camera associated with smartphone depends on a 12-megapixel matrix, in addition to double back camera will use 16-megapixel detectors manufactured by Sony. To unlock the smartphone, you need to use a fingerprint sensor located on the back panel, or Face ID face recognition innovation. New flagship smartphone Bluboo S9 should come with pre-installed Android 8 operating system.0 Oreo, the buyer have a choice of four shade choices.

It is possible to quickly find out more about Bluboo’s new items in the organization’s formal website: www.bluboo.hk.

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