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Pioneer avic-z150bh

Pioneer avic-z150bh

Pioneer avic-z150bh


Navigation receiver.PIONEER AVIC-ZBH OPERATION MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib


Pioneer AVICZBH In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver w/7″ WVGA Touchscreen Display, Bluetooth, HD Radio Tuner, SiriusXM Ready, Built-In Traffic Tuner, & AppRadio Mode for apple iphone and Select Android (Discontinued by maker)/5. Pioneer allows no obligation for problems, costs or costs Ejecting a disc (for AVIC-ZBH) arising from information loss or corruption. Webpage Ejecting An Sd Memory Card (For Avic-ZBh) Basic procedure Insert an SD storage device in to the SD Ejecting an SD storage device card slot. AVIC-ZBH and AVIC-XBH) 9 linking the cord (1) 10 Connecting the ability cable (2) 12 When connecting to separately sold energy amp 14 When linking a rear view camera 16 When connecting the external video component 17 – making use of an AV input (AV1) 17 – utilizing an AV input (AV2) 18 When linking a corner show


Pioneer avic-z150bh.Pioneer AVIC-ZBH Manuals | ManualsLib

Pioneer AVICZBH In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver w/7″ WVGA Touchscreen Display, Bluetooth, HD Radio Tuner, SiriusXM set, Built-In Traffic Tuner, & AppRadio Mode for apple iphone and choose Android (Discontinued by maker)/5. Pioneer’s AVIC-ZBH is ready to move with direct connectivity to your iPod® or apple iphone® for music and video via the recommended USB user interface cable (CD-IU51V cable offered separately). Tune, artist, time and record album information are beautifully exhibited from the 7″ touchscreen. Effective researching tools such as for instance Link Play and Alphabet Search to help you. AVIC-ZBH, AVIC-XBH, AVIC-XBT Firmware Update variation (January ) This firmware upgrade is applicable simply to AVIC-ZBH, AVIC-XBH, and AVIC-XBT In-Dash Navigation devices offered in the united states of america and Canada and resolves the annotated following: Fixes Pandora connectivity problems once the Pioneer In-Dash Navigation unit is attached to anFile Size: KB.
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Dining Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Procedure Manual. This software requires that the navigation system is. To find out more, please contact your. Authorized Pioneer Electronics retailer or give us a call at. Table of Contents. Previous Webpage. Next Page. Flash memory multimedia av navigation receiver pages. Pioneer avicnex; avicnex; avicnex; avicnex; avic-xbs media navigation receiver pages.

Be sure to read Important Information for the User Please read through these instructions so you will know how to function your design correctly. Once you have completed reading the instructions, keep this document in a safe place for future guide.

Webpage 3 Contents Operating the map screen 33 Modifying the route calculation Scrolling the chart to the position you conditions 48 want to see 33 Items that people can operate 48 watching details about a specified Editing waypoints 49 location 34 Incorporating a waypoint 49 Switching the scene mode 35 Deleting a waypoint 49 flipping the chart direction Webpage 8 Contents Restoring the navigation system towards the Detailed information regarding linked default or factory settings iPod devices Restoring the default setting iPod and iPhone Restoring the navigation system towards the Lightning preliminary state App shop Setting what to be deleted iOS iTunes Page 9: Introduction The screen examples shown in this manual e.

The screens may p In the event that home place will not be kept vary according to the designs. Before eliminating the car iPod with pin connector battery! Page Basic Operation Chapter Basic operation Checking part names and procedures This part provides information about the names associated with the parts therefore the primary features utilizing the buttons. Usually do not expose the removable faceplate to ex- supply, the current area screen or cessive surprise or disassemble it.

If data reduction or corruption takes place from the sto- The disk is packed, as well as the Liquid Crystal Display panel closes. Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage space gadgets and assumes no duty for any loss of data on news people, apple iphone, smartphone, or any other gadgets Page Disconnecting Your Ipod! begin the engine on top of that up the machine.

Webpage Regular Startup Chapter Basic operation Read the terms carefully, checking the A message in regards to the map details, and then touch [OK] in the event that you consent to database the circumstances. When you begin using this navigation system, an email pertaining to chart information may be dis- played. Webpage 23 part Basic procedure This is basically the beginning menu to get into the desired 3 AV operation display screens and run various features. You can check always or cancel your set route from This is the screen that ordinarily appears when this selection.

Webpage Shortcut Menu Chapter Basic operation Touch In this manual, the application form selection display and also the application procedure display are col- lectively referred to as the AppRadio Mode display. Webpage with the Touch Panel Chapter Basic procedure Making use of the touch panel right for the item lets you start to see the remain- ing characters.

You can easily run this product by coming in contact with the scars and items touch panel secrets displayed running the on-screen keyboard from the display straight together with your hands. Making use of the common touch panel tips 1 Keyboard Page Swipe Action Chapter Basic procedure While coming in contact with the display screen, slip your enables you to go the cursor to the right or little finger toward the event you want to left for several characters equivalent to execute and launch.

Webpage 28 The sound mix function is en- abled. The intersection guidance display plus the Unmutes the sound. Mutes the sound. Obtaining a phone call Swipe reaction area you’ll need to be- come familiar with how information appears from the chart.

How to see the chart display screen This example reveals a good example of a 2D map screen. Webpage Enlarged Map Of The Intersection Chapter How to use the chart p if you have no information of current po- concept of assistance flags sition, no info is exhibited.

Icon Meaning! The AV source presently selected p Depending on the supply presently Destination The checkered flag indicates your desti- plumped for, a picture is shown. Page The show While Driving On The Freeway While operating on the highway, freeway exit lighted in red only have standard information and may numbers and freeway indications is presented only be used to plot a navigable path.

Pioneer within the area of interchanges and exits. Page Viewing Information About a certain Location Chapter How to make use of the map Viewing information about a specified location For the locations you have searched utilizing the destination selection, you’re able to show the comprehensive information so long as the data pertaining to the location is stored in the device. Webpage Switching The View Mode Chapter How to make use of the map for the display plus the map on the left part allows you to call the position if a tele- for the display.

Pairing with If you touch the chart, the chart is scrolled cellular phone featuring Bluetooth wireless overall screen. Touching the facility once again transforms off the indicator and deselects the POI. The absolute most commonly used purpose is Ad- In the event that location that you would like to find is in gown , in which the target is specified and another condition, province, or area, this the destination is searched.

Touch [House ]. The Enter Home Number display appears. The House Number Selection screen ap- If the house number you have registered isn’t pears. If Touch [East] or [West], and then enter the entries get to the utmost, any more the longitude. Research a location. Touching the p The route overview is just active when the secret finishes the demonstration guidance.

Webpage Modifying The Route Calculation problems Chapter Checking and altering the current path Modifying the route path Condition This setting manages how the path ought to be calculation circumstances computed if you take into account the time, dis- You can change the problems for route calcu- tance or primary road. Webpage Editing Waypoints Chapter Checking and changing the present path p the device may calculate a route that in- research a place.

Page Sorting Waypoints Chapter Checking and altering the existing route Display the editing route screen. Touch [Sort], and then touch [Manual]. You can easily specify the order of waypoints to type. When beginning real driving present route appears.

When looking a route Touch [Yes]. Kept items can be offered on Favorites later. Touch [Delete]. Webpage Deleting Learned Routes Chapter Editing the info in the utilization of navigation function Deleting learned channels the product learns the roads you often use, plus the learned streets are preferentially used during a route search.

To alter a frequently used street, delete the learned path and allow the device understand it again. Webpage Checking Traffic home elevators The Route Chapter Using traffic information once you touch [Traffic on Route], the How to read traffic record displayed will likely be sorted relating to home elevators the map the length through the car position into the traffic occasion information exhibited on the the traffic information.

Pairing from your own Bluetooth devices p If you try to join up a lot more than 5 gadgets, this navigation system may be connected to your products wirelessly. This section defines the system will ask you to choose one of many how to put up a Bluetooth connection. Page 59 Chapter Registering and connecting a Bluetooth device Wait until your Bluetooth device ap- ing on the Bluetooth device.

Perform pairing pears when you look at the list. Refer to the in- struction manual of your devices to register enrollment and verification of unit. Activate the Bluetooth wireless tech- nology on the products. Page 61 12 Touch [OK]. Bluetooth audio function if the registered Bluetooth device features Bluetooth audio. The message Is It Android? Touch [Yes] if the Bluetooth device you connected is an Android product. Activate the Bluetooth wireless tech- Touch [No].

Webpage 64 For Bluetooth product other than and then the message that transfer is fin- iPod people ished appears. No: A message prompting you to erase a regis- The device is subscribed within the navigation tered device appears. Following the device is effectively re- Touch [Yes]. Page Setting For Priority Connecting Chapter Registering and connecting a Bluetooth device Touch the title of this unit that you pears and the map display returns by touching want to link. If for example the cellular phone functions Bluetooth tech- nology, this navigation system can be con- nected to your mobile phone wirelessly.

Webpage Calling a Number In The Phone Book section utilizing hands-free phoning trying to find a contact to call on the If you touch , the entered number is de- leted one digit at a time from the end for the num- alphabet tabs ber.

Press and hold to delete all digits. Webpage Dialing Through the History part utilizing hands-free phoning p Each call history saves 30 calls per regis- p To terminate the decision following the system starts dialing, touch [Cancel] or tered cellular phone.

In the event that quantity of telephone calls exceeds 30, the oldest entry is going to be deleted. Touch to end the call. Touch [My POIs]. Answering an inbound call Touch next to the positioning which you according to the mobile phone, the telephone book registered in the navigation sys- The erase display appears. Overwrite: the prevailing data is overwritten, and when the telephone number is added to the you can easily replace the device name to be dis- played on your cellular phone. Default is Touch [Passkey]. The password setting screen appears.

BackupFly – syncing information
23.06.2021 [17:20],
Sergey and Marina Bondarenko

In order to avoid data loss, as well as in instances when a team of users need usage of the same documents as well, it is necessary to regularly synchronize data and produce a backup content of the data used. For this specific purpose, feel free to use the BackupFly system. Along with its assistance, it’s possible to create backup copies of data and folders, begin the data synchronisation process on a schedule, use data copying after every change, etc.d. BackupFly supports difficult and removable drives (P-ATA (IDE), S-ATA, SCSI, IEEE1394 (Firewire)), can use any available drives and files from the local network. This program works via FTP and can record on any removable media, including DVD-RW, BD-RE disks, USB sticks, memory cards, etc.

Within the latest version:

  • Added the capability to install the program to USB-drives;
  • Under some circumstances, this system did not compress the info into a zip archive;
  • Fixed error “Memory could maybe not be read / written”.

Developer: BackupFly Software
Delivered: 580 rubles
Os: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Size 5.6 MB
You can download from here.

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  • DriverMax 5.91: driver back-up.

a source:

  • backupfly.net

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