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No more extra work.ClearSQL 8 | LOGON

Jul 16,  · ClearSQL is a powerful and flexible tool for formatting PL/SQL code. It beautifies code, adds readability to it by consistent indentation. ClearSQL allows you to pre-process your PL/SQL source code so you can compose some code that needs to be portable across multiple Oracle Server versions or maintain a module that has been used for various customers. ClearSQL is an automated code review and quality control device for Oracle PL/SQL, which can edit, format, analyze, and review scripts, delivering consistent and clean code framework Working with. Jul 23,  · ClearSQL no longer prevents working on attempting to abort the import for the items which weren’t fully retrieved from the database. Fixed the capability to break the “Select All” action in the database object tree. Export Wizard.

Clearsql.Download ClearSQL Build

Jul 23,  · ClearSQL no longer stops working on wanting to abort the import associated with things that are not completely retrieved through the database. Fixed the capability to break the “Select All” action into the database object tree. Export Wizard. ClearSQL is a strong and tool that is flexible formatting PL/SQL code. It beautifies code, adds readability to it by consistent indentation. The artfully built layout that is visual of code will expose and reinforce the rational framework of the program, clearly showing its structure and intent. Jul 23,  · ClearSQL enables you to edit, format and analyze your Oracle PL/SQL code, count metrics and enforce coding standards. ClearSQL is a full-blown code analyzer and editor for legacy rule upkeep. It enables you to evaluate declarations, exceptions while the control flow, eliminate anomalies, fix and format your PL/SQL automatically and much more.

ClearSQL 8
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The richest selection out there. Your own code review rules with XPath syntax in a Code Insight-powered editor. Code quality reports with a comprehensive set of metrics to track and address issues. Full support for Oracle Databases from 9i up to 18c, and Oracle Forms versions 6 to 11g. Automated code analysis to let the dev team focus on what really matters. Prices ClearSQL 8 comes to improve the game, combining advanced functions of a pro-analyzer with a pay-per-use approach.

Auto-renews monthly. Discover even more ways to deliver efficient code No more extra work Reduce undesired workload and maintenance costs by removing duplicate code from your project. Set a code quality threshold. Works great for large teams and boosts the performance of the juniors. Drive down the cost of poor coding decisions with technical debt metrics. LOGON acts both as value added reseller and distributor that is sole leading software solutions.

Clients can find brand new licenses, purchase improvements and renewals from some of our local offices. Call us for first line support during evaluations, PoCs. Check always our site for latest offers, special discounts, bundle discounts, etc..

Legal Privacy Policy. Dont see what you’re looking for? Retry the search with a different phrase? If unsuccessful, please click here. Minor Outlying Islands U. Name required. Email required. Phone Number required. Company required. Your Request. Let us know when you want the demo and any choices. Your Name. ClearSQL 8 A k lines or maybe more of a professional code analysis a month.

For a cost of a coffee cup… OK, two cups. Be a little more improve that is productive quality, detect code smells and bugs, visualize logic. Put improvements on autopilot. Visually rich interactive diagrams, insightful CRUD matrices. Discover even more ways to deliver code that is efficient. No more work that is extra undesired workload and maintenance expenses by eliminating duplicate code from your own task. Secure releases Set a code quality limit.

Balanced expenditures decrease the cost of bad coding decisions with technical financial obligation metrics. The permit renews monthly and you are automatically billed for a period that is new. They will expire within the current plan if you have imported and analysed less than , lines during your monthly subscription.

Then used code lines, whether removed from the project or not, are withdrawn from your subscription plan if you have analysed a script.

Sure, anytime. If you think the metered license is not your option, then try a corporate licensing model. There are no restrictions on the number of lines, concurrent users, or DB instances. Yes, indeed. Request Quote. Search engine Use this form to find things you need on this site Search. Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. Request for Training Quote. Please enter a number from 1 to Chat with us on the web.

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Asia plans to launch manufacturing of its OLED TV panels
23.eleven.2021 [12:56],
Dmitry Prikhodko

It’s no key that the OLED panel market for smart TVs is managed by two regarding the largest monopoly players in the industry – owned entirely by the Korean corporations LG and Samsung. But, as is now happening in the segment of mobile devices, as well as in almost all other profitable areas, manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom are determined to offer a more alternative that is affordable existing items.

So, the Chinese business BOE, which will be one of the leading manufacturers of television panels in the local market, is preparing to contend with LG and Samsung within the market that is OLED. It will be assisted in this by Skyworth, with which it is planned to launch the production that is serial of OLED TVs.

The management of BOE and Skyworth, through the start that is very decided not to limit themselves to the framework of the domestic market and to enter the European continent with a novelty in order to as soon as possible declare themselves in the indicated segment and try to win back a part of their share from LG / Samsung. There is no doubt about the technical promise of the plan: Skyworth has already demonstrated at the recent HighTech Fair in Shenzhen a prototype of an TV that is OLED and manufactured in China. In addition, Skyworth has 36 months of expertise in OLED displays predicated on LG branded elements.


BOE and Skyworth Pledge to produce Native Chinese OLED TV Products Available Starting Next Year for Asian and European Sectors. It is possible that in a few years they will be able to reduce the cost of such panels, increase production volumes and prove themselves from the side that is best to be able to force LG / Samsung to grow the product range and revise the prices policy. Despite ambitious plans, South Korean leaders will maybe not give their leadership positions up within the next couple of years and certainly will stay trendsetters in the market.

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